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Spirit of Responsibility

Influencing policy and regulation to create social and economic opportunities for future generations.

British gin industry call for freeze at next Budget

Source: Food & Drink International, by Dominic Cuthbert, 15 October 2018

Service Restrictions on Spirits and Cocktails

Spirits & Cocktails Australia believes that adult consumers who drink responsibly should have fair and equal access to their preferred spirits beverage.

The Australian Standard Drink

A standard drink is any drink containing 10 grams of alcohol. One standard drink always contains the same amount of alcohol regardless of container size or alcohol type, that is beer, wine, or spirit. A standard drink is a unit of measurement. In the same way one metre measures a particular distance travelled, one standard drink measures a particular amount of alcohol consumed.

Freeze the Spirits Super Tax

Wide-ranging reform of Australia’s alcohol taxation regime is long overdue. Continued inactivity entrenches distorted consumption patterns, threatens existing manufacturing jobs, serves as a barrier for the development of an export oriented local spirits industry and places unnecessary administrative burdens on industry and Government alike, all of which is ultimately borne by the consumer.

Responsible Drinking

Centuries of skill, culture and tradition are poured into the production of fine spirits and for hundreds of years people have enjoyed them while celebrating, while unwinding, and while socialising with family and friends.


DrinkWise: A Snapshot of Australian Drinking Habits 2007 vs 2017 (PDF 4.6 Mb)
The last decade has seen significant shifts in how Australians consume alcohol. The majority of Australians are changing the frequency and intensity of how they drink.
ABAC: Quarterly Report Q2 2018 (PDF 9.9 Mb)
The 2018 Second Quarter Report of the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code, Australia's responsible marketing scheme.
Preview  ABAC: Annual Report 2017 (PDF 558.6 kb)
2017 Annual Report of the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Scheme.