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Service Restrictions on Spirits and Cocktails

Service Restrictions on Spirits and Cocktails

Spirits & Cocktails Australia believes that adult consumers who drink responsibly should have fair and equal access to their preferred spirits beverage.

Alcohol related harm generates from the behaviour of individuals, not from the type of beverage they drink. Intoxication is driven by the level and rate of alcohol consumed not the form consumed. This is recognised by the relevant road traffic regulations and should be reflected with a "behaviour not beverage" regulatory approach. Intoxicated persons or those demonstrating rapid consumption behaviour should be refused service of all alcohol products to minimise harm to themselves and others.

Independent analysis undertaken by the School of Demography at the ANU of the 2013 AIHW National Drug and Alcohol survey showed that spirits drinkers had no greater risk of either exceeding recommended drinking levels or partaking of anti social behaviour compared to beer and wine drinkers.

Unfortunately, many state based licencing regimes include restrictions on specific drinks rather than adopting a principles-based approach centred on the responsibility of participants in the industry to promote and implement the responsible service of alcohol. These restrictions on spirits and cocktails hold back the growth in the more sophisticated drinking culture, one which underpins sociability, hospitality and tourism.

Spirits & Cocktails Australia is committed to working with State Governments to bring about reform which supports the hospitality industry.

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